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HD-TVI Crushes HD-CVI Analog HD Cameras

    2016-03-02 09:52
Everyone is looking for a more affordable option when it comes to high definition surveillance cameras. Professional Security IP cameras which are usually installed for corporate consumers are hard to configure, can be highly expensive and live and playback video can play back with a choppy staccato motion. That was necessary for analog HD cameras since most businesses and some homes still have analog wiring from their old security camera systems and the other reason happens to be that analog systems have a smoother playback with less missed frames of video.
HD-SDI was a new technology in which the security industry tried to push high definition through analog wiring and cable but ran into some serious problems.  Enter HD-CVI which became the darling of the security camera industry when it debut in the States earlier this year. For a few seasons it look like it would completely overtake HD-SDI which allowed the replacement of regular analog security cameras using the customer's old security camera wiring. Unfortunately for HD-SDI video data stream wasn't flexible enough to handle long coaxial runs or twisted pair runs like Cat5 (in consumer speak, it was a very iffy product). HD-CVI from the Dahua corporation was created to trump HD-SDI's shortcomings and allow customers to use (or re-use) coaxial and Cat5 cable runs to connect to their HD-CVI DVR.
For a while, HD-CVI cameras and DVR purchases exploded during the Spring of 2014 but installers started to notice a few holes in the promise of HD-CVI. For one, installers and customers experienced problems with a few Cat5 runs. Security video would turn on and off during and after installations. Causing some installers to visit a client several times before they realize that they may have to change the wiring. Secondly, HD-CVI DVR's input wasn't encoded to be versatile. You couldn't mix your existing analog or IP security cameras and HD-CVI cameras on the same DVR. This would have allowed a customer to stay within his budget and still upgrade vital camera positions. The darling and champion of HD-SDI started to look more like an HD-SDI clone.
Enter HD-TVI, this multi-stream video encoded for security camera video transmission wasn't ready for the Vegas convention last Spring because the encoders were making sure the challenges that HD-CVI was trying to solve, like multiple cable options, didn't have hasty drawbacks.
The new HD-TVI DVR's can handle analog, 960H and IP cameras as well as its own HD-TVI camers at the same time without having to assign a particular BNC connection to either of them. The TVI cameras can run on cat 5 or coaxial cable at any point up to 1500 feet. Making it the most attractive analog hd camera system in the market especially since the price is comparable to HD-CVI prices.
You can click here for more information about HDTVI and HDCVI.


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