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Cloud storage will become the development trend of the transmission and storage of the security industry

    2015-07-13 11:43
As we have said in another article, "H. 265 is designed to transmit higher quality network video under limited bandwidth, only need to the bandwidth of the original general broadcast video of the same quality, which greatly improved the embarrassment faced by the current video transmission." 
We learned that we have solved transmission problems, but a large number of high-definition video storage backend gave tremendous pressure, especially in road monitoring is most prominent. Relatively wide coverage of road monitoring, video daily pressure surge in the video store, how to effectively manage these vast amounts of data has become a problem the moment managers need to consider.
The emergence of big data and cloud storage technology, is undoubtedly the best way to handle this problem. Cloud storage technology in the home surveillance camera application is particularly widespread, companies are convenience store and view this promotion at any time, the user no matter where you are, you can be broadcast live, on-demand and other operations, to ensure that users enjoy convenient control experience.
Intelligent Analysis and retrieval quickly get useful information
For massive data, the storage problems are solved and also the emergence of new problems that most video belong redundant information, how fast and effective selection of the same information in a massive data become the current problems, intelligent analysis techniques therefore be concerned by the large data retrieval, you can quickly find the information related to accelerate the efficiency of the relevant departments, to better serve the people. 
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