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Security Vision - Domestic taxi will be installed Video Surveillance and Fingerprint Identification

    2015-07-13 11:49
Recently, Nanchang, Jiangxi measures and more regulation rent car passenger transportation market, through the implementation of enterprise’s main body responsibility, improve the supervisory ability of the science and technology, for the taxi installation video surveillance and fingerprint identification. This is a big progress in the field of domestic vehicle video surveillance in China.
Vehicle video surveillance system can achieve the following functions:
1) The vehicle GPS positioning information management, vehicle video monitoring terminal can be real-time transmission of GPS satellite positioning information to management center;
2) Upload real-time vehicle information, vehicle video terminal vehicle from the vehicle traffic conditions (such as engine speed, etc) transmit the real-time network to management center;
3) Data interaction capabilities, in addition to the 3G Wireless Network can satisfy the onboard video network transmission, also can realize the information such as voice, text, images, interaction;
4) Other functions, taxi management office conduct business anytime, anywhere to supervise every taxi driver’s strong demand, management center through real-time video browsing, you can have general knowledge of the management behavior of the driver.
Thus, Mobile DVR is the indispensable part of the surveillance system. Shenzhen Guowei Security Co., Ltd. is specialized in research and innovation of surveillance video technology. Providing security surveillance equipments, solutions and services worldwide. With four automated production lines, oscilloscopes, high- and low-temperature testers and more, we can turn out up to 10,000 IP cameras and 50,000 analog cameras monthly. We also produce a range of HD-CVI cameras, NVRs and DVRs, including Mobile DVR.


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