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The Popularity of HD Popularization Should Be Based on IP Surveillance System

    2015-07-13 11:49
For now, HD is mainly applied in transportation, finance and other industries, mainly high-end users. From the point of the global market, due to the development of the domestic IP surveillance system slower than foreign countries, which make domestic high-definition popularization is much lower than similar foreign products. However, it is believed that with the popularization of the 3mp outdoor vandalproof hd wdr dome camera, high-definition applications will be more and more, and after solving hardware cost, storage cost and application solutions, the hd large-scale application time will come.
We think the security industry HD resolution should be more than D1/4CIF, currently in the industry also generally agree that hd is at least or more than 720p (1280 * 720).
The front end of the IP monitoring system can be analog camera + DVR/DVS, also can be 3 megapixel waterproof IR H.264 CMOS IP camera. In addition to the front now video monitoring system are digital. Analog cameras used analog signal output, displayed on the digital display device, typically through video decoder processing into a digital signal compression coding, in fact the final reduction amounted to less than the original image clarity. At present some camera manufacturers are to launch camera level definition of more than 600TVL, the hd monitor is needed to directly displayed on  and achieve the effect, if in the system for network transmission, storage, affected by the codec, 4CIF replay the resolution of the general is also more than 400 lines. To make the system of image display eventually reach or exceed 600 lines of resolution, must use digital signal processing method, which USES hd IPC may reach 720p, 1080p (1920 * 1080), and even higher resolution. Therefore, the popularity of hd application based on the popularity of IP surveillance system. 


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