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HD CVI/AHD/TVI with High Brightness IR Leds - GWSECU

2016-06-12 17:34:42

    We released HD Analog Camera including CVI/AHD/TVI Camera with high brightness leds recently, and High brightness LEDs have a number of advantages over the standard LEDs: Brighter; ...

Bandwidth Optimization: A Cost-Efficient Way TO Maximize Surveillance System Performance

2016-05-20 10:51:22

    Bandwidth management is only going to get more crucial due to the continued growth of IP camera deployment, resulting in a greater need for better bandwidth management...

Camera Feature Highlight – WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

2016-04-20 14:29:31

    The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature on Video Security Cameras is one of the most important image improvements on security cameras, alongside the higher resolution cameras evolution...

GWSECU High Definition IP Cameras: H.265 VS H.264

2016-03-07 15:07:47

    High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) has been gradually adopted in high definition IP surveillance products such as H.265 IP cameras, H.265 NVR....

HD-TVI Crushes HD-CVI Analog HD Cameras

2016-03-02 09:52:20

    Everyone is looking for a more affordable option when it comes to high definition surveillance cameras. Professional IP cameras which are usually installed for corporate consumers a...

HD-TVI, long distance video transmit technology

2016-02-26 16:47:52

    HD-TVI , High Definition Transport Video Interface, Which is the latest HD Analog technology introduced. It is a DSP-TVI technology developed by Techpoint(2012), and the Chipset was...


2015-12-04 18:30:03

    GWSECU, a supplier specialized in professional security equipment, CPSE Booth 1T19 The 15th CPSE has been ended successfully on Nov. 1st of 2015. It began on the Oct. 29th of 2015 l...

New Trend H.265

2015-08-26 17:43:14

    What is HEVC (H.265)? Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), H.265 is a new video compression standard, which produces videos of the same quality as H.264 yet taking up only half the bandw...

The Popularity of HD Popularization Should Be Based on IP Surveillance System

2015-07-13 11:49:56

    For now, HD is mainly applied in transportation, finance and other industries, mainly high-end users. From the point of the global market, due to the development of the domestic IP ...

Security Vision - Domestic taxi will be installed Video Surveillance and Fingerprint Identification

2015-07-13 11:49:38

    Recently, Nanchang, Jiangxi measures and more regulation rent car passenger transportation market, through the implementation of enterprises main body responsibility, improve the su...

Cloud storage will become the development trend of the transmission and storage of the security indus

2015-07-13 11:43:53

    As we have said in another article, H. 265 is designed to transmit higher quality network video under limited bandwidth, only need to the bandwidth of the original general broadcast...

The Brightest New Breakthrough in the Security Industry——HD CVI

2015-07-13 11:41:27

    HD CVI is the technology breakthrough in the Security Industry, it offering the fast and easy upgrade to high definition under conventional cabling environment. This in-house techno...


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