What Is the Difference Between HDCVI Camera and AHD Camera?

2015-10-19 14:06:11

    Firstly, 1.0MP AHD camera at the end of June began to trial-produce, AHD camera and HDCVI camera on the assembly process have almost no difference, but the assembler or find some di...

What is HDCVI and Why choose HDCVI?

2015-08-03 17:25:12

    What is HDCVI? According to a report from Dahua CO., LTD, We know that HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a kind of coaxial-cable HD video transmission standard wh...

High-definition Surveillance NVR + IPC Solution for Gas Station

2015-08-03 15:44:48

    With the high pace of economical growth all around the world, transportation infrastructure improved ceaselessly, the quantity of the motor vehicle ownership steadily increased, gas...

Shanghai Yangpu District Case

2015-08-03 15:43:02

    IP Dome Camera 78pcs, IR IP Box Camera 35pcs, IP PTZ Camera 11 pcs....

ONVIF let NVR and IP cameras are "closer"

2015-07-17 15:28:17

    NVR development at present mainly divided into two major categories, one is connected to the level of embedded NVR, its mainly aimed at the research and development of a NVR mainstr...

Top 10 Advantages of IPC Network Camera Surveillance System

2015-07-13 17:05:33

    While IP cameras and recorders shows the powerful security technology, IP video has yet to be widely adopted. But even so, as far as Im concerned, I prefer to IP Camera and strongly...

NVR Selection Focuses on Its Compatibility and Ease of Use

2015-07-13 17:02:43

    Compared with the design and development of NVR, the 1080P WDR IR Dome fixed IP camera products just satisfy their own video storage requirements, then ignoring the openness and com...

H.265 technology has the advantage; Experts teach you how to overcome the difficulties

2015-07-13 17:01:01

    H.265 standard was confirmed in 2013, big companies launched products by now, and the trend of its development is hot. With the development of the 4k technology, H.265 codec develop...

The Six IPC technical advantages

2015-07-13 16:58:01

    1. Plug and Play, simultaneous multiple viewing IP cameras have adopted the most advanced video technology and network technology, has powerful function. IP camera with all the arti...

The mainstream NVR chip solutions on the security market

2015-07-13 16:56:58

    In recent years, the IPC + NVR combined solution with its low cost advantages and flexible deployment has achieved remarkable results in the video surveillance market. As more and m...

Something You Must Know About HDTVI

2015-07-13 16:56:08

    TVI can convert digital signals to analog, it will be able to extend the transmission distance, reduce the total cost, and less required storage capacity. Its transmission distance ...

The five considerations when installing IP Camera

2015-07-13 16:55:00

    In the current equipment, IP cameras are undoubtedly the most popular. From long-term development, or from the convenience of application, network monitoring equipment has laid a ve...


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